Winter Recess soon to come

Isaac Rengers, Staff Writer

Winter break this year is perfectly timed and ends up being the perfect length to ensure the maximum amount of holiday cheer and dangerous weather avoidance.


 This year winter break happens to be a full two weeks spanning from December 18 to January 5 which gives students in the Jordan School District a 15 day break from school. 


The break should be the full two weeks every single year. In past years students have had to come back January 2 or have to come to school up until the 22. By giving students a full two weeks we can avoid stressful half week of school.


Coming back to school the day after New Years day is pointless because teachers and students alike are lagging behind and do not want to be present.


 One Riverton High School student says, “The two week break gives me and my friends so much more time and space for activities!” 


Letting the break roll into the weekend following the New Year will help attendance in the days coming back from the break. 


Dangerous and inclimate weather also support the two week break. By being out of school for two weeks during the heart of the winter students and faculty members alike can avoid scary and unsafe commuting conditions. 


Many students and teachers feel as if the break could even save lives. 


“Personally I feel that giving the full two week break this year helps prevent the scariest part of winter, driving to school/work with all of the scary Utah drivers,” was a quote from a counselor in the Jordan District. 


This two week break approaching us brings a lot of excitement for kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Teachers and administration now have a good amount of time to spend with their loved ones during the holidays. 


The perfect timing of winter recess this year ensures that every student and faculty member has the maximum amount of opportunity to enjoy the holidays and avoid the dangerous elements.