The Superintendent’s new meetings

Logo of the Jordan School District

Logo of the Jordan School District

Sean Christner, Editor and Chief Float

The Jordan School District recently has a new superintendent, and as part of his new goals and plans he hopes to meet with all of the districts highschool SBOs and one class from the host school in hopes to get feedback and information about how students see the current school climate.


“We want everyone to feel safe, challenged, and have a wide variety of activities, but most of all feel connected,” Superintendent Godfrey.


The True Purpose of the meeting was described to “interact and talk with students” with hopes “to go to every school” for feedback and an opportunity to ask questions to the school board.


Some of the big issues


Vaping epidemic: The school district is working on solving the root causes of the epidemic and and lower students reliance on them. A department of health and well being has been created to help with this problem. The superintendent had been impressed with the districts student body’s approach to the problem.


Standard based Grading: The main point that the school board wanted us as students to take away from school based grading is trying to move away from numbers and more towards competency. Are you learning what is being taught or are you just going for the grade because “grades are money” and it is important that students are doing well in school. Colleges are also moving towards this mastery based grading scale, so the board wanted to implement it early so we as students could be prepared.


Bullying: “The Best Bullies are not seen by adults,” the superintendent remarked. That is why the school board hired a highschool teacher to help develop plans that each of the schools can use as well as adapt their own plans to help alleviate the amount of bullying in schools. This is a part of the health and wellness department was created last year.


The time schools start particularly high schools: the current times that the school district has are so ingrained in family dynamics, that changing them could have negative implications. This is why they have recently started looking into online learning and resources that will allow students to learn from home. RHS is currently hosting a pilot program of this blended learning Math 3 taught, by Mrs. Parks first period. The idea behind this program is that students come to school to get help from the teacher, but can stay home to work digitally. They are hoping to start implementing this towards other core classes.


Funding: The school district uses funding for a variety of things. Some sources get funding from a formula based on need while others like the turf on our football field are looked at based on need by the school board. The take home message they wanted to share was that their are a lot of rules when it comes to the finances, and they also have no plans to take funding away from the arts and are actively trying to help them because of the current goals of the administration.


Freshman in highschool: This is a question of trade offs, on the one hand the student goes to the same building for 4 years, but high schools are the most expensive to run. The board is trying to find ways to get clubs in middle school, so they can experience that community.


Retaking the Act: This rumor is true, starting next September, students will be able to retake specific sections of the act.


The superintendent wants to have feedback and an idea of what is going on in the district, but he also wants to inform people about issues. That is why he holds the SOS podcast which covers major issues in the district. He also will respond to questions and comments at