New study finds social media and ways it links to depression

Allyson Swank, Staff Writer

All over the world we have had lots of problems of social media linking to depression.


 We have always blamed it on cyber bullies, and how people ‘should really look’ but a new study found by The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health showed us a better understanding of depression. 


They have found that “social media may harm girls’ mental health by increasing their exposure to bullying and reducing their sleep and physical exercise.”


 It is social media, but lack of activities and staying indoors to sit on their phone is causing a lot of issues. They have found that with girls exposure to bullying and being on cell phones is worse.


“In 2014 and 2015, researchers asked about the teens’ psychological distress and their personal well-being, things like life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety… The effect was especially clear among girls: The more often they checked social media, the greater their psychological distress.” 


Everytime they feel this way it messes with their brain and is an off and on cycle throughout the day. 60% of girls feel this way, boys have always seemed to be more willing to go outside and try new activities, so 12% of boys feel this way. 


At Riverton High School we see a lot of teens sitting on their phones throughout all of class, kids have a hard time focusing and aren’t learning in class.


 When they leave school and go home they continue to sit on their phones, endless hours of screen time. In this time, they could be catching up on school work they didn’t do in class because they sat on their phones. It leads to a domino effect; if they have to do work at home, then they have no time to do hobbies and activities. 


Ways to help students at our school is to do more activities that everybody can participate in; something I have seen that is very effective is Silverrush. It helps kids get out there and meet new people, do something that changes people’s lives, and stay off their phones; while being entertained. We need more diverse clubs at this school, I see many different friends bond over a show, game, comic, etc but there’s no club to get them involved. We have great students at this school and with everyone’s effort we can be better, and we will see a significant difference in how people feel.