‘Spotify kids’ can be very useful for students

Spotify Ad for Spotify kids

Spotify Ad for Spotify kids

Gabriela de Castro Deus, Staff Writer

On Wednesday 30th, Spotify launched spotify kids in the United States. The app guarantees that children won’t have access to any inappropriate content. 

The app can also be very helpful for teachers who like to have music on in the classroom as a way to decrease their students’ stress levels. It can also be useful for school activities where the students want to play music but are afraid of something inappropriate starting to play. This app could be helpful for students of all ages.

The app is completely safe! According to The Verge, “Spotify editors are looking at more than whether a song contains foul language when determining if it’s an appropriate fit for this app. References to guns and violence, for example, could be disqualifying, too. Song selections will also change by region, with editors creating different playlists based on what’s popular in each area,”

The Riverton High School student Lauren Correi shared with us about the time where she was playing music for her colleges at a club activity and “a song with lyrics that weren’t school appropriate” started to play. All of her colleges started laughing and the teacher “wasn’t happy with the situation.” 

With this new app both teacher and students can freely play their music without worrying about playing something inappropriate by accident.