We made it

We made it

Makenna Dibble, Section Editor

Well seniors, guess what? We have less than a week until graduation. The senior assembly has brought to light what’s coming up.


The seniors attended an assembly that showed all the videos of this class’s past years through Silver Rush, The Spirit Bowl, and many others events.


The Madrigals sang, MDT performed a song with the cute little Silver Pups, and Cheer and Dance Company danced to very moving songs that brought tears to some and happy memories to others.


Maia Gates, a senior at RHS, said, “It’ll be hard [(life after high school], but it will be so much better.”


Three years have gone by so fast, and it’s finally coming to a close. Graduation is May 30th, and, to those who are graduating, keep being great. Keep showing others your kindness and your hard work in everything you do.


McKenna Morgan, another senior at RHS, said, “…I guess just know that it’s okay not to have a plan for your life lol [sic]. You still have time to figure things out.”

We are much more capable than we think we are. Give credit where it is due which includes you.


This world is full of people who don’t care about anyone other than themselves, but Riverton is different. We have proven that caring about and serving others is one of our top priorities, and that is pretty rare to come by.


Sydney Snarr, a senior at RHS, said, “We [the class of 2019] have done some amazing things while we’ve been in high school. As we take our first steps into our adulthood, don’t forget who we’ve met and who we’ve become throughout these high school years. Let’s “wake up” and “live in color” because “here we go.”