College students struggling to find ways to save

College students struggling to find ways to save

Jordyn Forbush, Staff Writer

College students are looking and asking everywhere for any type of student deals or discounts. College students want to save as much money as they can.


Spotify is doing a deal with Hulu. Students get 3 months of spotify premium and hulu for only $0.99, and then price changes to $4.99 after 3 months. The regular price for spotify every month is $10.


This alone saves students plenty of money. They have textbooks and rent to pay for as well as groceries and other necessities to buy.


Many stores have student deals. If you have your student ID with you, then you are able to show that to the store, and they can give you like 5-10% off your purchase. That little percentage goes a long way for students.


Aiden Gordon says, “Some ways I will save money is by not going out and eating, trying to make as many at home dinners as I can. I won’t go out and buy random things that I don’t need.”


They have a great discount at Sam’s Club when you sign up for a college student card. You get a $15 card when you sign up. You not only get benefits with groceries, you get a discount in tires, pharmacy, and anything the Sam’s Club offers you.


Chase Budge is going to college at SLCC. He said, “I have a lot money saved up, and I am going to keep adding onto that, so I am not too worried.”


It wouldn’t be hard to keep your money if you already had some saved up!