The big change at Riverton High

The big change at Riverton High

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

You may have been noticing some serious changes to the north-west side of the school. This summer, Riverton is adding a big extension to the weight room near the north-west doors. More than anything, this will have a major effect on the sports teams at Riverton.


A major expansion to the weight room provides a lot of training opportunities that teams didn’t have before. More area in the weight room means more workouts, equipment, and less risks. All of those can build bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter athletes.


With a major upgrade to the weight room, Riverton is hoping it can add an advantage to the sports teams. With training being such a major aspect of sports, athletes have to take the weight room and lifting very seriously.


“It sucks [sic] I’ll be gone by the time I’m gonna [sic] because I would of loved having an upgraded weight room,” said Riverton senior athlete, Nate Hamblin. He continued saying, “But, it is cool to see Riverton making serious upgrades to our sports teams.”


Since the weight room is being done over the summer, the football team had to move all the equipment to the wrestling room, which might provide some challenges, There is no doubt that the change will be well worth the wait of the summer. The football team will be using that weight room nearly everyday, so I’d imagine they are more than excited to see these changes happening to the program.


“Training and lifting weights is such a major aspect of sports these days, so any advantage you can get in the weight room, you need to take,” says senior Andy Schultz. He continued saying, “Hopefully the change can have a major effect on the field and court.”


The old weight room didn’t have enough space to maximize the capabilities of some of Riverton’s athletes. Also, with the football team having so many players, it made it difficult to do summer training due to the fact they had to have so many different lifting times because you couldn’t fit a lot of people in the room.


We all can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like towards the end of this upcoming summer, and, more than anything, we can’t wait to see the advantage it is going to give to all Riverton athletes.