Police have started to ticket students parked by north parking lot exit

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

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In the North parking lot of the school there is a exit which feeds into 2700 West, and sophomores who do not have parking passes yet will park their cars diagonally on the left side of the exit. When you are pulling out of this exit, drivers are forced to guess whether the road is clear or not.


Because of the diagonally parked cars it is impossible to see incoming traffic on the road.  Leaving the driver to guess when it is clear to turn. This is a huge risk to everyone’s safety on the road.  There have been many scary situations resulting in near crashes and honking horns.


Connor Zindel said, “The students parking there that don’t have access to the school’s parking lot make it very difficult for everyone trying to turn out of the parking lot. It’s almost like playing Russian Roulette you never know if there is a car, so you are forced to take a chance.”

This past week there was a crash at that specific turn in which the driver pulling out of the school was T-Boned by an oncoming vehicle.  Many believe the cause of the crash was because of the obstructed view the driver had when pulling out of the school.


The crash has inspired Police to begin ticketing cars parked in those five slots on the left side of the exit.  This will very much reduce the stress of that turn as well as prevent future drivers being at higher risk of a accident.


Jordyn Forbush said, “It’s kinda hard to see when I’m turning out of the parking lot.  So it makes me have to guess on when to go.”