Riveton’s visit from Voterize

Riveton’s visit from Voterize

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

With 2020 being the next election year, a large amount of politicians and groups are trying to increase voter turnout. One example of this is the recent push to try to lower the voting age to 16.


“We do need to have more teens vote because a lot of teens are already politically active, so they need to have more of a representation,” Ashton Zeeman,  junior and current issues student.


One group is not pushing for this decrease in the voting age, but they are trying to get more of the high school aged voters ready to vote. This group is Voterize, and they were at both lunches in the commons on May 15th.


Voterise is a nonprofit organization that wishes to increase the turnout of voters in the age range of 18-29. “This is to help increase Utah’s number of voters from 39th in the country to back to the historic 1980 5th in the nation,” Voterise.org


Voterise’s website shows how committed they are to the cause with a large amount of the webpage being used to help show the effectiveness of their program as well as challenging teens to bring more people to vote. This year, they are challenging teen girls to sign up with 20 more women to vote in celebration of the 100 years that women suffrage has been achieved in America.


“We also need to educate our kids more on current issues because people are going out and voting who don’t know [stuff]” Janica Schneiter, junior, pointed out.


One criticism of the group is that they do not educate voters on issues and the various parties that are represented in the political sphere. The goal, however, is to start to make a change and get the new generation more active in the political sphere. It is a great place to start to make an impact on the new voters.