Riverton City passes an anti-abortion resolution


Kaden Smart, Section Editor

On May 7th Riverton city passed an anti-abortion resolution as a way to show their stance on the issue.


The Resolution in Support of Human Life is a non binding resolution so it has no legal standing. It doesn’t outlaw abortions in Riverton, but instead it publicly showed the cities stance on the controversial subject.


This was a controversial move by the council not only because it is a controversial topic but because city counsels rarely deal with national issues like this. Instead they focus on local issues like road construction and infrastructure issues.


This resolution was also drafted in support of a Utah abortion law that is currently being challenged in the court system.


Tawnee McCay was the Councilwoman who sponsored the resolution. She states that it shows that, “our city cares about the unborn”.


The opposition to the resolutions claims that the city should not be focused on these issues, and that it’s part of a, “personal crusade”.


“I think that it should be a back pocket worry, because abortion is a nationwide issue”, says Chase Budge an RHS senior.


In essence, this resolution doesn’t outlaw any kind of abortion or make any law concerning it, so it doesn’t carry a large effect with it. It is more of an official statement from city hall.


This is a major controversial issue, and Tawnee McCay expects that more cities will follow Rivertons move in this resolution. Only time will tell the effects this has later down the line.