America just had another major school shooting, but is this having effects on Riverton students?

America just had another major school shooting, but is this having effects on Riverton students?

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

On May 7th, another tragedy struck our country. Two armed gunman entered a Highlands Ranch High School in Highlands, Colorado. One student was killed, and eight others were injured. These tragedies are starting to become too common for our country.


Already, in 2019 there have been 8 school shootings throughout the country. To add onto that, in 2018 there were 24 school shootings with injuries or deaths, of which 114 people were killed or injured. The total number of deaths involving in school shootings in 2018 was 35.


With all these horrible incidents, we want to know how Riverton students feel about the current situation, and whether this truly feels like an everyday threat for our schools student body.


“It is horrible that this is a threat for all students and people across the US,” said Riverton senior, Andy Schultz. “I truly believe that all schools should be a safe place for students. [sic] But, at this point schools [sic] aren’t necessarily all that safe. I understand that the chance of something like this to happen is small, but you only say that until it happens to be at your school. I just hope people can start focusing on the positivity in life, [sic] and realize that no one innocent deserves their life to be taken.”


There is no way to tell what would possibly make someone want to do this, but, as citizens, we must remember that every action we make has an effect.


“It’s just so hard to see this happen so frequently,” said Riverton student, Nate Hamblin. “You can never know when something like this could happen to you or someone you love, so always be grateful for what you have done in this world.”


For all the students and people who have lost someone close to them to a shooting, we are sorry. No one deserves to feel the hurt that the families and friends of these victims have felt after these tragedies. Our thoughts and prayers are with every single one of you.