Riverton City to hold TEDx

Riverton City to hold TEDx

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

TED is a public speaking organization that allows speakers to have a stage to help portray ideas that they deemed important and worth sharing with the world. Riverton City is going to hold the second TEDx Riverton presentation on June 5th at the Peterson family farm.


Utah has had a few of these expos throughout the valley. The organizer of the Riverton expo, Mandy Murray, started with TEDx Bountiful in 2012 after the inaugural Riverton expo in 2018 she started to plan the 2019 show. According to tedxriverton.com, this year’s theme is  “infectious or the idea that many people have ideas that people who work hard every day to help make improvements in others lives whether it is a medical advancement, or an entertainment piece that has an idea that can be taken away from or infect an individual’s life.”


The Riverton TEDx is going to be hosted at the Peterson family farm. One of the speakers is the owner of the farm Luke Peterson. He is going to be talking about the “farming of life”. The ideas that many are presenting at the expo are about the unification of us as a people or as a society. One major speech to highlight is by a Riverton High School student Darcy Brumfield.


“It sounds interesting for an expo, but the price is a bit high,” Audrey Bair, junior.


Tickets for the expo are already on sale for $75. These give you access to see these presenters talk live. Because TED is a nonprofit organization, if you do miss this talk, you can eventually find the recordings of these speakers at TED.com where they are added to a large database of free speeches and “Ideas worth sharing”.