Is Morp worth it?

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

As the school year at Riverton High School winds down, so does the somewhat frequent dances.


Now, as they go on, there’s always the topic of debate if the school dance tickets are overpriced. For me, any dance that’s over $10 is too much, but we all still attend.


The thing is, school dances can be priced wany price and students will still attend, mostly because it acts like a normal high school activity. It gives the students something to do on a certain day.


It’s pretty much a school planned hangout, but so loosely tied to the school that students largely take part.   


“I mean, I hate football and our team isn’t amazing. I just go because I can hangout with friends and it’s something to do,” Riverton senior Kaden Smart replied. “Dances are the same thing, but I like them more because I can choose what I’d like to do for the day date. It just sucks how much the whole thing costs.”


“The school is just a big business for naive students to get sucked into. They give out petty fines, parking tickets, and sell way overpriced tickets to dances,” Riverton mom Kimberly Lawson said.


It’s even commonly been known to be a joke around the student body that Morp is for those that ‘haven’t gone broke yet’ because everyone slowly goes broke as the year progresses.


Lastly, Riverton High’s monopoly of pricing tickets too high works because there’s really no other option. In addition, it’s a perfect vacuum for the average high school student. They can go hangout, keep their reputation up, and even post it on social media thereafter.