Want to make your own club?

Want to make your own club?

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

While there are already many fantastic clubs to be a part of here at Riverton High School, students still have the opportunity to make new clubs.


Anyone with an idea for a club can propose their idea.The process of making a club is simple.


First, aspiring club makers must fill out an application outlining the purpose and intent of the future club.


Second, students must have the necessary people sign their application (club supervisor/sponsor and principal/principal designee).


A copy of the aforementioned application can be found here: http://rivertonhigh.org/files/2018/08/Application-for-Student-Clubs-1.pdf.


There are many guidelines to be followed in the creation of a new club.


The official guidelines and instructions can be found here: http://rivertonhigh.org/files/2018/08/Guidelines-and-Instructions-for-Student-Clubs-1.pdf.


Riverton students share their opinions on new clubs.


Denelle Durling, a senior at Riverton, shared, “I would make a new club if I wasn’t a senior this year. It sounds like fun.”


Makenna Dibble, a senior at Riverton, stated, “I think new clubs are a fun way to show that everyone can be involved.”