Mrs. Gough wins the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education

Matthew Drachman, Assistant Editor

There are many educators in the State of Utah; however, every year, only one of them gets the Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education. Recently, RHS Principal Carolyn Gough received this prestigious award.


Representatives from the Huntsman Organization got to surprise Mrs. Gough with the reward early one morning. She received 10,000 Dollars as a part of the reward. Mrs. Gough was nominated by several teachers. This reward is hard to get, and only a select few get it every year.


Mrs. Gough recently sat down with the Silver Scribe to talk about the reward and to express her gratitude towards everyone at RHS.


“I am overwhelmed with gratitude for peoples kindness.” She said, “It’s a compliment to me that our facility would nominate me.”


Mrs. Gough stated that she was genuinely surprised that she had gotten it, and that the representatives came to give it to her.


Gough stated, “I feel like all the faculty here at RHS deserve to have this award because they all work so hard in their providing of education. They are so passionate about what they do. They should all get this [The Huntsman Award].”


She continued saying, “The most important thing to me is our students well being and their learning.”