Online classes

Online classes

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

Did you know that Riverton offers online classes for accelerated learning and for students to make up credits?


Through a website called Utah Students Connect, students can take courses online instead of in a classroom. This is very effective if you want to accelerate your learning, or if you need to make some credits up.


There are many classes offered online through Utah Students Connect including: Exploring Computer Science, Language Arts 9, Language Arts 10, Language Arts 11, Language Arts 12, General Financial Literacy, Health 1, Consumer Health (Health Education 2), Beginning Fitness (Fitness 7), Intermediate Fitness (Fitness 8), Participation Skills and Techniques, Fitness for Life, Secondary Mathematics 1, Secondary Mathematics 2, Secondary Mathematics 3, Earth Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Utah Studies, U.S. History 1, World History, U.S. History 2, U.S. Government and Citizenship, Drivers Education, Online Learning Lab, Art Foundations 2, and Art History and Criticism.


Riverton Students that have taken online classes share their experiences.


Denelle Durling, a senior at Riverton, states, “I took P.E. with Utah Connect, and it was really easy to get the credit done.”


Brinley Wolverton, a senior at Riverton, shared, “…I took government and financial lit online because I took several AP/CE classes this year that took up a lot of space in my schedule. I think online classes are great because they allow you to move at your own pace, and I feel like I learned more because I had to put more effort into it… I definitely would say you have to be wary about it and really just be honest with yourself, [sic] because I procrastinated the work until the very end… oops.”