RHS Hosts Job Fair

Sean Christner, Assistant Editor

On April 29th the school hosted a job fair in the commons that gave companies the opportunity to come and look for potential students at the school who were looking for employment over the summer.


“I think a lot of people are annoying and awkward [the companies], but it is still good info,” Ryker Booth, a junior, observed as the 18 different companies set up booths around the commons to advertise the open positions for the student body to learn about.


The variety of the companies was very vibrant, ranging from call centers to assisted living. This wide variety had some downside though, as many of these different booths were looking for students who are 18 years or older to work for their companies over the summer. However, one of the telecommunication companies did offer students the ability to sign up for a birthday text that would notify the student that they are now eligible for employment.


For the younger grades, the options were limited but major businesses were looking for younger help such as Cowabunga bay and the Megaplex theater who both had applications that juniors could fill out or be admitted onto the companies hire radar.


“This is a little late in the year. Maybe if it was in 1st or 2nd semester it would have been better particularly if it was before Silver Rush started it would have been more useful,” said Steffan Dandy, senior.


A lot of the various businesses did not seem to be having a momentous turn out as would be expected of big name companies like Walmart or Chick Fil A during the entire event during B lunch, but it still provided info for the seniors or juniors who wanted to find some summer work that could fit a school schedule.