Graduation policies

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

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Graduation is less than a month away and stress is beginning to rain on everyone. But with such a stressful time, some students are asking why our administrators are so strict on graduation policies.


Walking in graduation is an important day in most people’s life. And yes, it is a privilege to graduate from Riverton high school, but the rules during the graduation ceremony seem unnecessarily strict.


The students are not allowed to have anything to individualize themselves during the ceremony that the school does not offer or provide. That means no artwork on caps, no flower necklaces, no alterations to anything. You often will see cool designs on students caps at other schools, and you can tell some people put real time and effort into what is designed on their cap for graduation day.  


They want graduation to look nice, but why take away so many opportunities to express yourself?


“I think it sucks. You should be able to express yourself how you want on your big day,” said Riverton senior Jordyn Forbush.


Students want to look good at graduation, so if that’s what administration is worried about, they need to realize the students don’t want to look bad in front of a lot of friends and family. They just want an opportunity to show themselves in a rare situation to do so.


I see it as the senior class just wanting some more freedom. As everyone says once you graduate, you are now entering the adult world, so shouldn’t the seniors be treated like it? I don’t believe the senior class would want to ruin their own graduation, so I believe a little freedom wouldn’t hurt anyone.


On another note, congratulations to all the seniors graduating this month! You all have worked hard for it, so enjoy it.