Review: Moulin Rouge Soundtrack


Kenna Dibble, Section Editor

Truth, beauty, freedom, and love: these are the building blocks of the movie Moulin Rouge, and the soundtrack supports these themes.


Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, and David Bowie are just a few of the singers who complete the soundtrack. “Your Song”, “Elephant Love Medley”, andCome What May” in the show each are the movie’s own version of the original songs. “Elephant Love Medley” is a big combination of many different songs mashed together that carries the theme of love.


Mckenzie Wagner, a senior at RHS, said, “The music in Moulin Rouge beautifully highlights the enthusiasm and passion of love through gorgeous lyrics and swelling instrumentals. Every song is a piece of the full experience of love, some representing the wistful highs of a relationship, others reflecting the difficult intensity and uncertainty that comes with true, passionate caring for another person.”


The music brings the audience into the story of Satin (Nicole Kidman), Christian (Ewan McGregor), and the Moulin Rouge.


IMDb shares a summary of the movie saying, “a young Englishman in the Paris of 1899, becomes infatuated with Satine, a singer at the Moulin Rouge. However, she has been promised by the manager to a Duke in return for funding his next production. As the young lovers meet in secret, Satine’s wedding day draws closer but she hides a fatal secret from both Christian (the young Englishman) and the Duke.”


The recurring theme of the music and the movie is love. Every scene and every song gives insight to all the different interpretations of love from all the unique characters.


Emma Lambert, a senior at RHS, said, “I think the soundtrack is really unique in that it is a jukebox musical [sic] and that it takes well known songs and turns them into musical songs. I think it does help the story [sic] and theme of love throughout the movie because it helps to elaborate on the story and bring out the emotions.”


Moulin Rouge is an emotional movie with emotional music to bring the audience into the musical world of Christian and Satine in a unique way.