Hokulia Shave Ice is open for the season with a whole new look

Hokulia Shave Ice is open for the season with a whole new look

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

Hokulia is a popular shave ice shack located in Riverton near our school. The shack is just one location of many in the franchise. Hokulia shave ice is supposed to mimic authentic Hawaiian shave ice. So far, the company has been doing a very good job with giving each customer a taste of Hawaii.


This year, the entire shack has been remodeled and given a few upgrades. This will help with overall customer satisfaction and enjoyment. In previous years, the shack was mostly made up of palm tree leaves to give the customers a Hawaiian feel. However, this year there is a aluminum roof painted rustic brown to look like a surf shack. There is also a brand new paint wrap around the entire shack to give it a more modern look.


With a new lighting system, it will be hard to drive down 12600 South without glancing at the shack. An all new sign hanging on top of the roof with bright lights and will definitely help the shack to stand out.


Raebecca Hansen, owner of the Riverton Hokulia, said, “Updating the look is always a good business plan to attract new customers and to give the shack a fresh new look. All major companies rebrand ever [sic] so often to increase sales. Hokulia always wants to stay one step ahead of the shave ice community.”


Hokulia Shave Ice is unmatched by all other snow cone facilities. Although the prices are a little higher, the quality will absolutely leave you shocked and wanting more. One of the shacks trademark qualities is the fluffy ice that leaves you feeling like you just ate a cloud. Most snow cones these days will have you gritting your teeth chewing on ice rocks covered in colored water. Hokulia does not grind their ice they shave it with extremely sharp blades.


With over fifty flavors and several add ons, there is always something new to try at the shack. Some of the popular flavors include: Blue Hawaii, Mango, Tigers Blood, and Blue Raspberry. Hokulia is known for their ice cream scoops that can be added into your shave ice. With flavors such as: Vanilla, Tigers Blood, Mango Sorbet, and Coconut, you are sure to find the right combination for the perfect shave ice.


Aiden Gordon, senior, said, “The shave ice at Hokulia is really good [sic] and the shack puts out awesome summer vibes. Tigers Blood is my favorite flavor [sic] but there is so many good ones to choose from.”


Customer Service at Hokulia is unmatched. Employees are very knowledgeable and are dedicated to giving each customer the best experience and highest quality shave ice. They will answer any question and give you the best description for each flavor to help you pick the right one.