ASPIRE testing changes schedule temporarily

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ASPIRE testing changes schedule temporarily

Denelle Durling, Editor in Chief

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The sophomores have begun testing which has affected everyone here at Riverton High School. For the two weeks, starting Monday, April 22nd and ending Thursday, May 2nd, everyone’s schedule is shifted around.


The first week lengthens 1st and 5th periods to 2 hours, shortening other classes by about 10 minutes. It also switches the 1st and 2nd periods of the day. Friday has the regular Friday schedule.


The second week lengthens 4th and 8th periods to 2 hours, again shortening the other classes by a few minutes. Friday will again have the regular schedule.


The schedule has affected a lot of people in a lot of different ways. The students coming from JATC in the mornings either have more time before they have to be back for class or less.


The schedule change was created by the district administrators, not by the school. RHS adopted it “so that we would be on the same page as other high schools,” says Ms. Gough. “It’s been a bit confusing [sic] so I’m sure it will undergo some revisions [sic] and we’ll have a chance to weigh in on those and share our own experiences and determine what changes, if any, should be made.”


Many people are annoyed by the change. Emily Hollinger, a senior, says she feels “anger” over the messed up schedule.  


Keora Anderson, a senior, says, “I hate the schedule. I can’t wait until it changes back.”