AP testing to take place

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

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As this school year winds to a close, student are in for a treat. End of year testing is fast approaching, and students are preparing for the worst.


One group of end of year testing is the Advanced Placement, or AP, testing. Students who are currently enrolled in AP classes have the opportunity to take an end of year test to use the knowledge they gained in their class to gain college credit.


AP tests are scored out of five. In most cases, only a score of three or higher will be accepted by colleges or universities for credit.


While AP tests are not required, most teachers recommend students to take the test.


Riverton High School offers many AP classes, and, therefore, proctors many AP tests. Riverton’s AP classes include: Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Art Studio 2-D (design portfolio), Art Studio 2-D (photo), Art Studio (Drawing), Biology, Chemistry, European History, French Language, English Language / Composition, English Literature / Composition, Music Theory, Physics C, US Government and Citizenship, Psychology, Spanish Language, Statistics, U.S. History and World History.


Students at Riverton share their opinions on AP classes and tests.


Jacob Smith, a junior at Riverton, shared, “I enjoy the challenge of AP classes and the detail that they go into. Usually the homework load is manageable [sic] but sometimes there will be a big spike in the amount of homework which can be hard. As far as actually taking the tests goes, I think the hardest parts for most people are remembering things that they’ve learned at different times during the year and the pressure to beat the clock. The best part of AP classes is that they can really boost your college applications and save time and money for college. I’ve taken 6 AP classes so far and have enjoyed most of them. I think people psych themselves out too much about the difficulty of the tests, [sic] most of them are not terribly difficult to pass.”


Isabelle Thorpe, a senior at Riverton, stated, “I enjoy AP classes and the challenge they provide. The worst part of AP classes is time management. The best is you get college credit and good skills.”