What is the Drama Club and Thespian Society?

Makenna Dibble, Section Editor

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Riverton has many different clubs ranging from bowling to board games. Two of these clubs include the Drama Club and the Thespian Society.


Everyone is allowed to join the Drama Club, but the members who are in any theater class are automatically in the club.


For the Thespian Society though, you have to attend a certain amount of plays/musicals or be in a certain amount of them to gain enough points to join.


The Drama club is a Riverton High club, but the Thespian Society is a national society. There are different levels that you can reach depending on how many points you have received. You can join and become a Thespian just at Riverton if you have 20 points, then become an Honor Thespian in the national society at 40 points.


Sofia Smith, an RHS senior, said, “I really like being in the Thespian Society here because I get credit for things I’m already doing, like being in or going to shows! I joined in my Sophomore year and it’s been really fun to be a part of something so much bigger than myself… I would for sure encourage others to join, especially if you like theater or if you want to be more involved in it!”


Both the Drama club and Thespian Society are chances, for those who want to, to really see into the theater world and why those in this world of drama love it so much.


Erin McGuire, one of the two theater teachers at RHS, stated, “I joined in high school.”