Wolf Buddies game continues to inspire

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that Riverton high school does amazing things for its students. The school does its best to let everyone feel included and the wolf buddies game is another example of that.


The Wolf Buddies game gives the special needs students a chance to wow the crowds in a basketball game. Some of our teams biggest fans are the special needs students, they come to every game and are always supportive.


Talin Allred said, “It was a really good experience to be a part of, it was nice knowing we got to help those kids be apart of something they will remember for the rest of their lives. As a player we took it easier when playing them and give them a lot of open shots so that they can have as much fun as possible.”


Hosted by the basketball team the wolf buddies game is a five versus five game between the varsity team and the wolf buddies. All of the special needs students get to dress up in the basketball jerseys and take turns subbing into the game.


The game is played in four eight minute quarters with a short break in between each quarter. As you would expect the game is run at a slower pace and less intense. However it is very cool to see the excitement in the kids eyes when the make a shot or get a rebound.


The audience is full of super proud parents watching their son/daughter play on the basketball court against their heros. The basketball players on the varsity team are very nice to the special needs players and help them get good shots up.


Hannah Figgins said, “I thought it was cool to see people letting kids who don’t have the opportunity to do things that they don’t do on a regular basis. The basketball boys let the wolf buddies take their time on their shots so they could have the best chance of making it. It was cool to see all of the people that showed up to help support and how loud they cheered for the wolf buddies when they made a shot.”


By the end of the game, everyone is inspired by the wonderful effort put on by the school to help these kids have a great high school experience. As the players run off the court with everyone cheering them on you can tell they’ve never been happier.