Riverton football is getting firing up again and here is what we can expect

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

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The first day of spring football is April 22, and the team has some pretty big expectations following a good season but first round playoff loss.


Last season the wolves went 6 and 5, with a 4 and 1 region record that put them into playoffs as a second seed. It was the best season Riverton football had had in over four years, but the team is only expecting better outcomes this season.


“We are excited to get out there and get things rolling for the fall.” Said Ryan Gannaway, a sophmore on the football team.


This will be Coach Morgan’s second year as the wolves’ head coach. As a first year coach he was extremely successful and brought a spark to the program that the school hasn’t seen for years.


Region alignments have changed for the 2019 season, so the team will be facing some new opponents. But, the biggest change for the team this year might be the change in how playoffs are seeded. Instead of region games being the only contributor to playoff seeding, every game throughout the season will have an impact on how the team is seated.


Not only is on field action getting re-amped but the equipment, uniforms, and facilities have been majorly upgraded since Coach Morgan has taken over, including a plan to expand the weight room this summer. Adding these upgrades gives a great advantage to Riverton football, making more kids wanting to make this their home for four years.


“I think younger kids see the stuff we get, and it makes younger appealed to come play here.” Said Makai Johnson, a senior leader on the team.


Keep your eyes out for the boys this fall, they are expecting big things.