What is the 2019 classes plans after graduating?

Aiden Gordon, Section Editor

Graduation is right around corner, and it’s the time where seniors are deciding what they are planning to do after they graduate. Whether it’s college, trade school, or just working, every student has a different plan.


We are less than two months away from May 30, meaning we are less than two months away from graduation. This may be causing intense stress for you or giving you a sigh of relief. Either way there is no avoiding it if you are a senior.


With college being so common now it is interesting to see where Riverton seniors will be attending college. There are many different college options in Utah. Whether you want to just get your associate’s at SLCC, Snow, or USUE. Or a four year bachelors from universities such as Utah, BYU, USU, SUU, DSU, WSU, UVU, or Westminster. Now you can even attended an online university for convenience. Even if college isn’t your desired route there are a lot of great trade schools you can attended.


“I’ll be attended UVU in the fall, I’m gonna major in information systems.” Said Ethan Beckstead, Riverton senior. “I’m excited to move on to something new and start working on a path to my career.”


There is no denying that this is a big moment in every seniors life right now and could have a major effect on your future, but if you trust yourself everything should workout.


“Deciding where to go to college is super stressful, but wherever I go I should be fine.” Brennan Feman, Riverton senior.


Good luck to all of the students graduating this May!