Students punished for missing school

Makenna Dibble, Section Editor

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Have you ever missed a few days of school for health problems or even school activities, then came back to 3 Fs and tons of work due the next day? That doesn’t seem very fair.


The school tells you to stay home when you’re sick, so you don’t spread the sickness to the other students, but, when you come back, your grades are low, and teachers give you no time to make it up. Some teachers may give you a little bit of time, but most teachers just wish you luck with their packets they want by tomorrow.


Students struggle keeping up with the pace of the curriculum as it is. Having to take sick days or school related trips, and then having to take time to make up the missing work as they slowly get behind in other things that they need to get done is just tiring and frustrating.


Most students struggling with this issue would most likely appreciate more time to get caught up and to be given more help from their teachers.


Adriana Stout, a junior at RHS, stated, “It’s frustrating how we know that we are going to be gone, and so, we go ask for the homework, and, one, they don’t give it to us even though we are being proactive about it, or, two, they give it to us and expect it to be done on time exactly perfect as if we were in class. But, I’m over it. I think I’m finally caught up on everything, so that’s nice.”


While this is a problem for most students and teachers, it’s not always like this. There are some teachers who are very flexible and are willing to work on the missing work with their students. Adriana went on to say, “I feel like my teachers are that way, but then they are super flexible to, so yeah.”


This could be fixed if students could come in after school to work on assignments with teachers, teachers were willing to help, and if teachers and students could find ways to work together.


Landon Maynard, a junior at RHS, said, “It sucks missing school and coming back to 3 F’s ‘Cause [sic] you were sick [sic] and [sic] I mean, you can’t help it, but… just because you missed school doesn’t mean you should get out of the work because there were other kids in the class having to do the work [sic] so why should you get out of it?”


School should be an environment where students feel safe to communicate with their teachers.