Why March Madness is so successful

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

Every year basketball fans across the country gather for the notorious March Madness basketball tournament.


March Madness has been popular really since its beginning, and there’s a couple obvious factors that logically can explain a little more as to why that is.


First, it’s only once a year. The tournament is also played across a couple of weeks so the quickness grabs your attention.


“Yeah I’m actually really happy it’s over a couple weeks and not just one weekend, because then players get to rest and we get to watch really great, and really close, basketball games,” Dax Steadman, senior, said about the tournament.


Another reason for the tournament’s success is the fan interaction. College sports have always been more fan friendly but March Madness really kicks it up a notch. Individuals can even make their own bracket, depicting who they think will win, placing bets and challenging friends, making the whole thing that much more entertaining.


“The actual odds to get a perfect bracket is pretty much impossible, but the whole idea is really fun and I think it’s real smart that the whole thing is working how it is,” Riverton mathematics teacher Mr. Perry said.


What makes March Madness really great is the potential for an upset from a lower, uncommon team. Each year seems to bring one or two lower seeded teams out from the depths and into the spotlight.


With all of the fan support, team anticipation, the crazy upset wins, and even the brackets, it’s very clear to see why and how March Madness has kept up everything it has.