Utah ranked as second least stressed state in new study

Kaden Smart, Section Editor

A recent study done by WalletHub showed that Utah was the second least stressed state overall. The study was done comparing 40 metrics including sleep, working hours and bankruptcies.


Minnesota is ranked the least stressed and Louisiana is ranked the most stressed.


Utah was ranked least stressed in divorce. We were also ranked well in physical and mental health, work related stress and amount of sleep. All of which are factors that can affect stress levels.


Utah is also ranked number one in the US with church attendance. Studies have suggested that devout religious people show lower signs of depression and anxiety which may explain why Utah was ranked the least stressed with divorce and one of the least for marital issues.


Utah did rank in the middle for money related stress, and for health and safety related stress. Utah may have been docked in health and safety because Utah is ranked number 5 in suicide rates in the US.


Some students were not surprised to hear this, I asked Tyler Bradford, who is an RHS Junior, if he was surprised about the statistic. He said, “Not really, because I look around. We got a lot of pretty scenery and a lot of things to do but without the stress of a big city. You can go and be in the city with your friends and then go out into the mountains a half hour later. Not a lot of places have that.”


“I would say that we’re not really stressed, like why would we be?” Said Max Maynard, an RHS Junior.


Utah is a great place to be and has plenty of opportunities to relieve stress. You can go do a sport or activity in the outdoors, or meet new people through religion. Utah is a great place to be and even better because of our low stress levels.