Community pottery night

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

 RIVERTON HIGH SCHOOL — The first of the scheduled community pottery nights is to be held Tuesday, April 9th after school from 4:00-7:00.


Shauna Mitchell, Riverton’s ceramics teacher, described the event saying, “Well, I’m not really sure what I’m getting into with the community pottery night, but my thinking was that I would open the ceramics studio to alumni, parents of current students, and anyone else that wanted a venue to create pottery could come into the studio for a few hours each month…”


Ms. Mitchell continued explaining that she is “not planning on doing any formal instructing”, but she is “happy to help and give ideas if participants want/need it”.


The event on the 9th is the first of three scheduled pottery nights this school year. The other two are scheduled on the 30th of April and the 14th of May.


Though these three opportunities to participate are the only ones this year, Ms. Mitchell assured that “If it’s well-received, we will bring it back in the fall and have one each month.”


This event, as aforementioned, is open to all students, alumni, and current students’ parents. Ms.


Mitchell concluded saying, “I’m asking participants to pay $5 to cover the cost of clay and glaze for anything they make.”


Students at Riverton are excited about this opportunity.


Denelle Durling, a senior at Riverton, shared, “I am really excited about this because I really enjoy doing pottery… It would be fun to participate.”


Makenna Dibble, a senior at Riverton, stated, “That sounds really cool.”