Spring Break is right around the corner



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Connor Zindel, Staff Writer

Spring Break for Riverton High Silverwolves in 2019 is held during the week of April 15-19. This is the last long break of the school year, and, for seniors, this will be their last spring break as a Silverwolf.


The forecast for the week of spring break shows clear skies that should give students everywhere the great opportunity to go outside and get some much needed sunshine.


As it’s starting to warm up, students are reminded of the joys that summer will bring, and the fun times that they will have.


Student Parker Hansen said, “I am very excited for my last spring break at Riverton High, and I have a lot planned! It’s really just my favorite time of the year by far. I think I am heading down to St. George and staying at my summer house, but I’m excited to just be outdoors and hang out with friends and family. Oh, and I will definitely be playing a ton of pickleball and completely owning everyone on the court.”


Hannah Figgins, also a student at Riverton, shared, “Spring break is almost here, and that just means that graduation is getting closer, and that’s kind of a scary thought! Spring break is definitely going to be a party week though. I’m planning on going to Disneyland with my good friend Teylor. It’s going to be a blast!”