Center Stage Showcase


Kenna Dibble, Section Editor

The Center Stage Showcase is coming up on May 10th and 13th and will be directed by the Theater 4 students at Riverton High.


The showcase is composed of 11 plays, all about 15-20 minutes in length, as a round performance. That means that the audience will be on all sides of the stage. The Theater 4 students all partner up and co-direct their cast.


Kate Zander, a director of Center Stage and a senior at RHS, stated, “Center Stage is something I look forward to each year! It’s an opportunity for people not even in theater to do a show and get a taste of what we love to do! Everyone gets so close, and you get to meet a ton of new people!”


The showcase will be in the Tech Atrium at 7:00 each night. It is free admission, and, each night, both the senior directors and senior actors will be performing a musical number together for the audience to enjoy.


Nathan Chevalier, an actor in the showcase and a sophomore at RHS, said, “Come to Center Stage. It will be cool.”


Center Stage is a chance to show the audience what the first-time directors are capable of, and it can be really fun if you come with an open mind. Not only is it the directors’ first time, but it is also some of the actors’ first time even trying theater.


Like Kate said, Center Stage gives others a chance to see what all the craze from theater is all about and gives them an insight on the drama world.