Warm weather sure to brighten hearts

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

Being a four seasons state, Utah has been known to some very peculiar years in terms of its weather.


Every year, Utah plummets into it’s bipolar winter, and with it comes the inversion — the main culprit for so many early winter and spring illnesses among citizens. Even with that knowledge, often times vaccines and medicines cannot prevent the inevitable.


The inversion is the pollution and heavy carbon counts getting trapped in by the mountains in the valley. While each storm throughout the colder months helps a little bit, daily storms to stop it just aren’t realistic.


Mr. Johnson shared, “The inversion every year sucks, so many of my students get sick so if you have to, please just take a day or two off, and don’t risk it.”  


However, since winter is over and the temperature in Salt Lake is starting to rise, the sun is coming out, and the vibrant cloud colors are reigning again, the moods seem to be getting more hopeful.


Along with the bright spring, Utah has lots of activities to participate in. Each season has its own cool things, but the warm weather really permits the most.


Riverton parent Kimberly Lawson said, “Utah has tons, and I mean tons, to do as it is, but really in the spring and summer months is when and where there’s really a countless number of things you can do with almost anyone. It’s wonderful and why I love this place.”


Lastly, summer is always a getaway to look forward to. It’s a break from school, and you can really do whatever you’d like with whoever you’d like.