Dating Apps are affecting the way we communicate

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

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Dating Apps have become super popular with millennials, but they are causing problems. Meeting someone online can be fun and easy, however, it is all based on looks. The profile that you see is generally the most attractive pictures of the person and not an actual representation of them day to day.


When you meet a person online, it can bring many insecurities and unwanted anxiety into the mix. For example, you could wonder, is meeting up considered a date? Or, who is supposed to pay? Traditionally, when a man asks a woman on a date in person, these questions are answered with the responsibility being the man’s.


There is also a danger that comes with online dating. The person that you meet may not always be who they say they are. This leaves you to wonder about your safety. It is important to keep yourself safe, and online dating apps can be risky.


Sterling Hansen has had personal experience with online dating apps. When he was asked if he feels safe while using the app he replied, “It is hard to know who is really a genuine person looking for a relationship and who might be a creeper. I haven’t had any problems, but people should be careful who they talk to online.”


When communicating online, sometimes you say things you would not say to the person in real life. It is very easy to feel like you are expressing your true self, but, in reality, you are much different communicating online vs in person. A good way to get around this is to imagine them sitting across from you while you are texting them. This could save you from awkwardness in the case of a potential meet up.


Braden Figgins met his current girlfriend from a popular dating app Mutual. When he was asked if it was awkward to meet in real life he said, “We were both pretty nervous because it’s someone we had both only talked to over text or phone. But the nervousness was mixed with a lot of excitement as well. It was also pretty weird because we had met over a dating app.”


Because you meet the person online, you have no idea what their personality might be like. This essentially is just a recreation of the blind date because you are only able to see a few pictures into someones life before a date. So, if you are alright with meeting complete strangers each time for a date, online dating could be for you.