Why Trump’s new executive order matters to incoming college students

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Kaden Smart, Section Editor

On May 4th President Trump signed an executive order on, “Promoting free speech and religious liberty.” This was in response to demonstrations done against conservative and religious groups from speaking or performing on college campuses.


For the past few decades the American public has been shown how liberal college campuses are, these have been shown from the riots at UC Berkeley against conservative speakers such as Ben Shapiro and Milo Yiannopoulos. There have also been colleges that completely shut out these speakers.


Donald Trump stated that, “Free inquiry is an essential feature of our nation’s democracy.”


This executive order will further enforce religious freedoms, religious organizations and political debate or speech on college campuses.


This is a great move by the Trump administration, for years now conservatives and moderates have claimed that colleges are liberal indoctrination camps. This would be a great starting point to change that. The Washington Times released a study showing that liberal teachers outnumber conservative teachers 10 to 1. It is easy to see why many see that colleges have a liberal agenda.


I believe that tolerance is one of the most important civic virtues that one can have. College campuses are not allowing liberal students to face any sort of opposing view from their conservative counterparts. Instead they riot and shut out any opposing political stance. This executive order is hoping to put a stop to that.


This can affect a lot of RHS students, considering that in just a few years many students will be going to colleges where they will see this firsthand. Damien Reed is a Riverton senior and he says, “I believe that students, professors or speakers have the right to speak what they wish on college campuses as provided by our first amendment rights, people can choose whether they want to listen or not.” I agree with Damien, if you don’t agree with something then it is your choice to continue to listen to it.


I think this is a great move by the Trump administration to support our first amendment rights where they have been under attack for years. I hope that this will teach the next generation tolerance and let them be able to have their opinion and be able to see both sides of the issue.