People of The Pacific

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People of The Pacific

Matthew Drachman, Assistant Editor

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The 2018-2019 school year has spawned a lot of a new clubs and organizations for Riverton students to enjoy and participate in. Youth Alive, Girls Football, Interact, and our topic of conversation, and People of the Pacific are just a few.


People of the Pacific is a club that is advised by Mr. Au. in room 1915 and is meant to be a club to celebrate Pacific culture. The club meets on randomized dates and is for everyone.


Mr. Au. stated, “The club doesn’t have to be all about heritage. All are welcomed to come.” Mr Au. went on to say that the club has met a few times, and times do vary. “The club itself has fizzled out a little bit, but we will see what happens.”


Many kids here at RHS seemed to be thrilled at the idea of this club.


RHS sophomore Ashton Greenleaf stated, “I think that is a really cool idea for a club. I have always loved to learn about different cultures.”


RHS junior Kaylee Bennett shared, “I think that’s really cool. You get to come and do what they want.”


If you would like some more information, go to Mr. Au and talk with him about joining.