Finding “Hygge” in High School

Denelle Durling, Editor in Chief

High School is stressful. This is recognised by anyone who is going through or has gone through the experience.


With all the stressful things going on, it is hard for students to find peace and happiness. In fact, depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever among the middle school and high school age groups.


The word “hygge” is a Danish word that can’t be directly translated into English. It means a certain moment of happiness, of slowing down life, and focusing on the present. It is a feeling of inner peace.


This can seem impossible to have in high school. Student’s lives are so busy with homework, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and social lives. There is not a moment to spare.


Finding the time to welcome hygge moments is essential, however. It is a way to keep sanity in the midst of all the madness of high school.


Hygge doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. It is not about doing certain things, but, rather, doing them in a certain way. It is about the awareness of the action.


Most people are not aware of hygge. Isabel Becerra, a senior, said she had never heard of hygge and didn’t know what it meant.


To find hygge you simply have to notice what things give you little feelings of peace and joy. When you notice these moments, live in them more. Allow life to slow down a little bit, and just breathe a little.


These moments can be anything. It could simply be getting ready in the morning, laughing with friends at the lunch table, or walking your dog. These are things that already happen. You don’t have to make more time to fit in hygge moments. The hygge moments are already there. They just need to be noticed.


Sydney Brown, another senior at Riverton, thinks “it’s a wonderful take on life” and can be inspiration to anyone.


Take the time to notice how you feel, and slow down to enjoy those moments of peace. It can help with stress as well as your overall joy.