School dance time change


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Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

School dances are a highly recognizable part of the high school experience. Riverton High School hosts many school dances throughout the year, but a recent change to these dances has students upset and confused.


This recent change affected the times of the dances. School dances are now scheduled from 7:00-9:00.


Principal Gough shared the reasoning behind the change saying, “The decision to move the dance times was made by the administration with the help of student government based on the lack of attendance at dances during the first hour. Because so few students were showing up to the dance when it started, it was costing us money to pay for workers and a DJ for time that few were taking advantage of. So, the discussion happened about moving the time up. Some students replied that they liked the idea so that they could continue to do their evening activities after the dance.”


Principal Gough continued to share that the administration sees this change as a success. She stated, “So far at the major dances that we’ve had [sic] a lot more people have shown up earlier [sic] so [sic] to that end [sic] it has been successful. We noticed that many more people stayed until the end of prom which normally they leave much earlier [sic] so that was successful. We know that a few people got there late to prom on account of minor car accidents and break downs [sic], but that was beyond their control. Otherwise they would have been there earlier.”


Many students at Riverton do not share the administration’s opinions.


Eve Barlow, a Riverton  junior, shared, “I dislike it… Worst part is that if you don’t get there right on time [sic] then you basically only have an hour left. I hope it changes.”


Megan McCabe, a Riverton senior, stated, “I don’t like the time change. I feel like there isn’t enough time to have a good time at the dance. Everything feels rushed [sic] so we get there right on time to dance for two hours… I don’t see any benefits towards it.”


Bailey Winterbottom, a Riverton senior, expressed, “ I do not like the change… Sometimes time gets away from you [sic] and you are not at the dance on time, [sic] with this new change [sic] we were rushing to be downtown [sic] and I was only at prom for an hour. I got all fancied up my date payed for a day date and dinner and rented a limo [sic] and we got 1 hour including 1 slow song. That is ridiculous.”


Belle Crookston, a Riverton senior, shared, “I think the change is kind of stupid… I think changed back because [sic] with the change [sic] it makes it a lot harder to have fun…”


Kyle Boden, a Riverton senior, stated, “I really don’t like the time change… For me, this last prom we had scheduled to try and get to the dance right as it started, but [sic] because of dinner running late and traffic [sic] we got there later than anticipated and felt like we didn’t have nearly enough time at the dance.”


Isabelle Thorpe, a Riverton senior, said, “I am fine with the change [sic] but I understand why people don’t like it… I would like to see it changed back… A major benefit I see is that the dances don’t get too out of control. A drawback is that there is less opportunity to be at the dance which can hurt plans.”


Shantel Knight, a Riverton senior, voiced, “I hate the time change! A lot of people start running late [sic] and by the time they get there they only have an hour or 30 minutes to dance! It should go back to how it was!”


As of now, the administration has no plans of reverting back to the original schedule.


Principal Gough stated, “We’re always willing to hear concerns that students or parents have about it [sic] and we’ll consider all opinions, but right now the change seems successful.”