Netflix releases trailer for new Stranger Things season

Denelle Durling, Editor in Chief

Season 3 of the Netflix original “Stranger Things” is highly anticipated by fans and is set to be released on July 4th.


The titles of the episodes were released in December which kindled excitement among watchers, but the release of the first official trailer has created a new buzz.


The trailer teases events that will happen in the third season, about 6 months after the conclusion of the second season. The kids are now going into high school. It contains appearances from new characters as well as familiar faces.


There are also a lot of other new things. There are new monsters, new supernatural occurrences, and new settings.


The trailer also referenced the day that the season will be released. In one scene, a political candidate shouts “Happy 4th of July” as fireworks are set off. This reveals that the season will be happening in the summer, right along with when it will be out.


After watching the trailer, senior Sydney Brown proclaimed that she wants to “rewatch all the old seasons… All two of them at least”, and that she is super excited.


The trailer has created an underlying excitement in fans who are now more ready than ever to see what happens next in the town of Hawkins.