RHS Dance Company to perform

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

Near the end of each year, the RHS Dance Company holds a concert to show off their skills and how they have grown throughout the year.


This year, the concert will be held March 28th and 29th in the RHS auditorium. The shows are $5 per person and begin at 7:00.


Brynn Perkins, Riverton High School’s Dance Company Director, shared a few thoughts on the show saying, “Our show this year is filled with every genre of dance, and the dancers have worked for months to perfect 18 incredible routines. The most amazing part of concert is seeing the student choreography. The dancers work so hard at creating pieces that will have meaning and be memorable for the audience.”


She continued to invite students to the show saying, “If you come, you will be amazed by not only the technical elements, but by the artistic elements as well.”


Students at Riverton share their enthusiasm for this year’s Dance Company performance.


Makenna Dibble, a senior at Riverton, stated, “I think they’re pretty cool. Their dances are always fun and enthusiastic.”


Denelle Durling, a senior at Riverton, shared, “I’ve always enjoyed watching dance, and watching them is cool. I especially enjoy watching Riverton Dance Company because of their stage presence.”