Attendance school is a joke

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

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It’s safe to say at this point that Riverton High School is a business. Throughout each school year, Riverton High hands out somewhat unnecessary fines and fees for often ridiculous things.


And sure, maybe the goal is for the student to learn a lesson and take it through life, but many students have found loopholes and flaws in each one of these implementations.


The focus of this article, however, is attendance school.


How you can achieve a spot in attendance school is by simply not attending classes. Whether it be tardies or absences, that’s not the problem the student body has with it.


The problem is how the system works and how inconvenient it is with having other responsibilities.


“It’s the worst thing ever because some things make it so I can’t be on time or even go to class on certain days, and most certainly not be able to afford it, no matter how low the cost is,” said Senior Brynlee Williams.


Another major flaw in attendance school is that students can just get out of it, which makes it unfair for those students who do go to attendance school.


I have been able to weave my way past going, but I have also had to do my own time. This really threatens the integrity and organization of the school staff and office.


Attendance school should just be “Do the time, or pay the dime.” Numerous students have used the aforementioned phrase to show how much more effective and efficient that system would be for both the student and the school.