Unique Sports at Riverton

Denelle Durling, Editor in Chief

Riverton High School has most of the more popular sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball, etc. A lot of people don’t have interest in playing these sports however.


Of course, most of these people still want to be active and have fun. Riverton is also home to a lot of clubs and less heard about sports.


Some examples are Bowling Club, Hockey Club, Ping Pong Club, Sport Shooting Club, Ultimate Frisbee, and Winter Sports Club. A full list of all the clubs at RHS can be found at http://rivertonhigh.org/activities/clubs/. Information on athletics is all on https://rivertonathletics.com/.


Many students don’t know most of these clubs and sports exist at this school. Senior Keora Anderson stated, “I honestly had no idea that Riverton had any of those clubs.”


There is also an option to start a new club for something you want to see here at the high school. If you want to start a new club, there are some guidelines to what you have to have, but, other than that, it is up to your imagination. Information on all the guidelines can be found here: http://rivertonhigh.org/files/2018/08/Guidelines-and-Instructions-for-Student-Clubs-1.pdf. There is an opening for applying for a new club from March 1 to April 1.


Not everyone is enthusiastic about sports and clubs. One anonymous student has the opinion that “Clubs are usually stupid.”


If you are looking to get more involved in the school and get more active, there are plenty of options.