Prom 2019

Prom 2019

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

Prom for many high schoolers is the highlight of the year. From story to story, the dance is never short of fun for those who participate.


As the school year winds down, the race is on to find a date in time for the big dance. Senior Steve Pincock said, “I almost didn’t even find a date this year, but by the time the dance rolled around, I got one.”


As stressful as it is to find a date, many students also have a hard time with finding, organizing, and planning out the whole day. Kaden Smart shared, “We’ve called four different restaurants and probably like five different fun places to go to to try and make reservations. Our first options are never available it seems like.”


Another factor to take into consideration is the size of your group. Each high school has a difference in how big the student body is, and the size is very important when planning and reserving things.


Lastly there’s executing the day. If you’re in that role, making sure everything goes according to plan and trying your best to make sure that all members have the best time they can. If that’s not the role, then just going along and enjoying yourself.