2020 democratic candidate predictions

Matthew Drachman, Assistant Editor

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MARCH 1ST — The start of 2019 marks two years since President Trump took the oath of the presidential office, and it also marks the start of the campaign season to see who will challenge Trump for the office of president in 2020.


Many candidates, both heavyweights and lightweights from the Democratic party, have announced their candidacy for office.


There are currently ten declared candidates for the democratic ticket. Two of these candidates have not formally declared their candidacy but have started exploratory committees into whether it would be a good idea for them to run or not. An interesting factor that has come into play is that half of the currently declared candidates are women.


The question is, who is going gain the support of their party and be on the ballot to go against President Trump in the 2020 general election?


The purpose of this Op/Ed piece is to determine which currently declared democratic candidate is most likely to win the nomination and proceed to run against the president. This is not to evaluate their policies critically, but rather evaluate them in a way to see how it will help or hurt them in the nomination process. Some points on how well they could run against the president may be brought up for context and other reasoning.


That being said, let’s meet the candidates.


Current Declared/Committed Candidates



  • Cory Booker (D-NJ)


Cory Booker is the currently serving junior senator from New Jersey, and he has been their senator since 2013. He studied at several places including Stanford University, Queen’s college, Oxford, and Yale University. He was 38th Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, and he was also apart of the Newark Municipal Council before he became the federal state senator. He is considered to be a social liberal and has advocated in favor of women’s rights, affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and, among other things, single payer healthcare.


  • Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) (Exploratory Committee)


Pete Bittigieg is the currently seving Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and has been serving since 2012. Before entering politics, Buttigieg served with the United States Navy in Afghanistan. In the Navy, he served as a Naval intelligence officer. Buttigieg remains a Lieutenant in the Naval reserve. He studied at both Harvard University and Pembroke College in Oxford. He is the first openly gay democratic candidate ever to run for president. One thing he has pushed for is the abolition of the electoral college (the current way a president is elected) in favor of a national popular vote.


  • Julian Castro (D-TX)


Julian Castro is the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2014-2017) under the Obama Administration. He is also the former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (2014-2017). He holds degrees from both Stanford University and Harvard University. Julian can be considered a further left candidate than some, supporting universal health care and stricter gun control. He has also voiced support for making the first two years of college free, and he has voiced support for the “Green New Deal”.


  • John Delaney (D-MD)


John Delaney was the former representative from Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District and served from 2013-2019. He studied at Columbia University and Georgetown University. John Delaney was the first democrat to announce candidacy for president. Delaney has been described as a moderate; however, he hasn’t labeled himself as such, saying, “People have a hard time labeling me. Some of the things they hear me talking about are on the total progressive or liberal end of the spectrum, and in other ways I’m kind of a solutions-oriented moderate who wants to get things done.”


  • Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)


Tulsi Gabbard is the current representative from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District, and she has been serving since 2013. She studied at Hawaii Pacific University. Before she entered politics, she served in the military among Hawaii’s National Guard was deployed in the Iraq War. Gabbard is considered by many to being a further left wing candidate, with her open support of abortion, medicare for all, and other things.


  • Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) (Exploratory Committee)


Kirsten Gillibrand is the current serving junior senator of New York (since 2009), and she was formerly the U.S. Representative for New York’s 20th Congressional District (2007-2009). She studied at Dartmouth College and the University of California. While serving as senator, her views have shifted to be more left than center. She used to hold more conservative views on guns and immigration; however, now her views are more liberal.


  • Kamala Harris (D-CA)


Kamala Harris is the former Attorney General of California (2011-2017), and she is the current serving senator from California. She studied at Howard University and the University of California. Kamala Harris is known for having far left leaning views; she is often described as a “Progressive Liberal.” She is fully supportive of abortion and advocates for a single payer healthcare system.


  • Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)


Amy Klobuchar is the current severing senior senator from Minnesota, and she has been serving since 2007. She studied at Yale University and the University of Chicago. As a senator, she passed more legislation than any other senator during the 114th Congress, passing more than 111 pieces of legislation. Her views align with what Modern American Liberalism has supported.


  • Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


Bernie Sanders is the current serving senator from Vermont and has been serving in that position since 2007. Before he became senator, he served as the Mayor of Burlington Vermont (1981-1989) and as a U.S. Representative for the entire state of Vermont (1991-2007). Bernie Sanders was educated at Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. Bernie Sanders has described himself as a democratic socialist. His views on most things reflect a far left position.


  • Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)


Last but not least, Elizabeth Warren is the current U.S. Senior Senator from Massachusetts, (since 2013). She was educated at George Washington University, The University of Houston, and Rutgers Law School. Elizabeth Warren’s views closely align with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on a lot of issues.


Now that all of the candidates have been introduced, who will win?



Most of these candidates won’t have a chance when it comes to the nomination. Some major players in the democratic party have joined the race, and, if more do join, the smaller candidates will slowly diminish until they drop out.


As it stands now, there are three people who I see having a chance at the nomination: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris. They are widely known throughout the party, and their names are recognized by most.


Out of those three, Bernie Sanders, in my view, has the best chances of becoming the nominee. On his first day of announcing candidacy, he was able to raise nearly six million dollars from small donors, not to mention that most of the mainstream ideas from the democratic party today have come from his platform. Young people adore him, and, right now, he leads in all of the democratic polls.


Unless a Joe Biden or a Michelle Obama come into the race, I believe it would be unlikely for any other candidate to take the nomination based solely their notoriety. Even so, it is still too early to tell.


This may not age well; however, in a few months or so we will see how the election season is, and who is still in the race.


Overall, it is going to be an interesting election year, and that is for sure.