Tremonton man charged with murder

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Tremonton man charged with murder

Alexis Campbell, Staff Writer

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TREMONTON, UTAH — 39 year old Jose Gutierrez-Torres was charged with murder in the first degree after he stabbed 53 year old Maria De Jesus Cervantes on Sunday, March 3rd in his home.

Police were called to the Torres home early Sunday morning after Torres’ brother called 911 when he got a phone call from his frantic brother claiming he’d done “something stupid”, and that he needed help.

Jose Gutierrez-Torres answered the door to police completely covered in blood.

He had a knife wound on his stomach and was bleeding profusely. Police entered the home to try to help Gutierrez-Torres when they stumbled across 53 year old Maria De Jesus Cervantes who had been stabbed and was lying dead in the back room of the home.

Cervantes had been stabbed multiple times, and inches from her head, was a bloody steak knife wrapped in a cloth.

Investigators from the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office were also called to the scene, and they concluded that Gutierrez-Torres stabbed Cervantes to death before turning the knife on himself.

According to police, a family member recounted a text she had received around midnight from Gutierrez-Torres where he stated he was “going to join” another family member who had recently passed away.

Cervantes texted her daughter around 5 a.m. the morning of the murder telling her daughter to call police because Gutierrez-Torres had a knife. Unfortunately, Cervantes daughter did not see the texts until she woke up later.

Gutierrez-Torres was taken to the hospital Sunday morning, where he underwent surgery and stayed for a week in the intensive care unit.

After more then a week in the hospital, he was booked into the Box Elder County Jail for murder charges and unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon.