Kids will never know the struggle of satellite tv

Parker Hansen, Staff Writer

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In today’s society, the entertainment industry is being dominated by streaming services like Netflix. It has become the social norm to not use satellite TV because of its inconvenience.


Kids these days have it good when it comes to TV entertainment. They will never know the annoyance of commercial breaks during your favorite Saturday morning cartoon. They can easily access all of their favorite shows anywhere and at anytime of the day.


Connor Zindel was asked how he feels about Netflix. He said, “I think it’s cool how it’s available to everyone for a fair price. But, on the other hand, it’s sad to see kids so stuck on their phones that they do not play outside anymore.”


2018 marks the first year that Netflix has passed big name satellite/cable brands, like Dish and DirecTV, in number of subscribers. Netflix is now just under 150 million subscribers worldwide with about 60 million in the United States. Dish network reported it had 12 million subscribers at the end of 2018.


There are a few reasons why most people are leaving their cable/satellite companies for on-demand streaming programs. First of all, it is way more convenient. You can quite literally watch just about anything anywhere. It is very easy to set up Netflix on a mobile device or at home. Second, the price of Netflix is significantly cheaper than its satellite/cable competitors. A Netflix subscription is $10.00 per month which is the only available option to consumers. Dish network, on the other hand, will cost the consumer $60.00 a month with lots of available add ons.


Jordyn Forbush was asked if she liked Cable or Netflix better. She said, “I like Netflix way better because there are no commercials, and everything is on demand. I also like how many shows and movies there are to watch.”


Netflix also has a larger selection of movies and shows with roughly 3,250 movies and 21,000 episodes. Dish network’s movie pack will only give 700 movies and 200 episodes, which is hardly a comparison. It is no surprise that so many people have been leaving cable/satellite networks since 2011 when Netflix was first launched.


However, there are some advantages of having a cable/satellite network at your house. They cater better for sports fans as well as nationwide and local news broadcast. You will not be able to watch your Sunday night football on Netflix, and that will definitely deter people from making the switch. Many people in the I-generation get their news updates from social media, so it is unnecessary for them to have cable/satellite.


In the coming years, it is not unlikely to see a complete downfall of cable/satellite companies. The technology has just become so outdated, and they are unable to keep up their competitors. Nobody wants to pay lots of money to have a giant ugly satellite dish put on the side of their home when they can easily just download the Netflix app and be ready to go.