A visit from Temple Grandin

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A visit from Temple Grandin

Keora Anderson, Editor in Chief

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UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY — Temple Grandin spoke about her life and work to high school and university students on March 5th.


Grandin is a well known scientist, educator, and writer who, despite being diagnosed with autism at a young age, helped to revolutionized the world of animal welfare.


Grandin credits much of her early success to her mother who “stretched” her to overcome the challenges that came along with her diagnosis. She also credits much of her success to her autism. She explains that her autism allows her to think differently than others and see what animals see.


The main subject of her speech at Utah State was her work, including her past and current writings. Grandin shared an overview on how her mind works and how students and adults can implement her research.


Grandin shared advice with the students in attendance saying, “Students get interested in stuff that they are exposed to. Get out. Do a lot of things. Try a lot of things.”


Erin Doyle, a junior at Riverton who attended the presentation, shared her experience saying, “I thought that it was really interesting that she was talking about how a lot of the students who are coming into the agriculture industry don’t have agriculture backgrounds, so it just goes to show that you need to get out there and explore your options because you never know what could be out there for you.”


Teagan Perry, a senior at Riverton who was also in attendance, shared, “One thing that Temple said that I thought was really interesting is how, because she is a visual thinker, she would see what the animals saw, in a way, and she didn’t totally realize that she had been seeing the world differently than everybody else and that that wasn’t normal for people to be like ‘Oh yeah. Cows are going to notice these shadows and the cars in the background’, and I thought it was just so interesting that she took the time to notice those small things that nobody else had, and those were huge impacts on the productivity of the industry.”


More information about Temple Grandin and her work can be found on her website (http://grandin.com/).