Russia State News reveals US targets they would strike in case of conflict


Kaden Smart, Section Editor

A Russian state media revealed a list of targets they would strike with nuclear weapons if a conflict arose. They stated that with new technology they would be hit in five minutes.


This statement was released on Sunday February 24th, only days after Vladimir Putin stated that he, “Wouldn’t back back down” from another Cuban missile crisis.


This is in response of Russian fears of the US placing missiles in Europe now that the INF treaty has been abandoned by both the US and Russia.


The INF treaty stands for the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty. It was signed in 1987 by US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev. Recently both the US and Russia pulled out of it after much debate in the US whether Russia has even honored the agreement. Donald Trump said, “Russia has violated the agreement; they have been violating it for many years.”


The targets originally shown are Naval bases in Seattle Washington, The Pentagon and McClellan Air Force base in California. Interestingly, McClellan Air Force base was shut down in 2001.


The new technology Russia is referring to is their new hypersonic Zircon missile. Russia claims it can go upwards of 6,000 miles an hour. In 2017, it was revealed by a Russian General that these were already being deployed by the Russian military.


The Zircon missile was originally implemented as an anti-ship missile, and only has a range of over 600 miles. Which makes US military leaders hesitant to believe a strike is even possible.


Another doubt US military officials have is whether Russia is capable of this. Since the Zircon only has a range of over 600 miles, they would have to be launched by Russian ships and submarines. US military officials say that Russia has not done any test launches on surface vessels with the Zircon, making it hard to believe this can even be a possibility yet.


Russia has done threats like this before, and whether they are just playing or not, it is a stark reminder that just because the Cold War ended, it doesn’t mean the world is back at perfect harmony. No matter how we try to hide it, the world is still not at peace.