Do the Bluffdale earthquakes mean something big is to come?

Chase Budge, Staff Writer

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Over the last couple of weeks in Utah, something peculiar has been erupting under the ground.


As time progresses, Salt Lake City has been due for a big earthquake for years now, and some of the Riverton folks received a taste of what might be to come over these couple of weeks.


The first 3.8 magnitude earthquake had the mass to wake up plenty of the Riverton and Bluffdale community.


A swimmer on the Riverton Swim Team’s house turned out to be the epicenter who said, “I woke up and started feeling a crazy rumbling and since we’ve never had an earthquake I didn’t know what to think. But my family all got up and got in one room and stayed there until I had to get ready for school.”


While some were awoken by the quake, others slept through it, even the second 3.3 magnitude quake.


One student’s mother called him to make sure everything was okay. “I slept through it but it made its way into my dream, everything was shaking and I didn’t know why, but then my mom called my and asked if everything was okay and of course it was,” the student reported.


After those two however, lots of low magnitude aftershocks have been keeping up which could be good in case a big quake ends up hitting after all. The little aftershocks alleviate some of the crust pressure beneath the Earth, potentially making the “Big One” not as big.