Police officers deserve our respect


Kaden Smart, Section Editor

It seems every week there is a news alert about a police officer that was shot in the line of duty, and many times there’s a second alert saying that they didn’t make it.


CBS recently released a study stating that police officers have the fourth most stressful job in the US. This is due to the dangerous nature of the job and the justice system in which they abide by.


The US National Library of Medicine found that police officers are more likely to have cardiovascular disease (CVD) and insomnia due to high blood pressure that is directly related to stress. They also found that a police officers life expectancy is 21.9 years less than the average American. While some of that number is due to the risk of being killed in the line of duty, the other part is due to these health issues that shorten their life expectancy.   


The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that police and sheriff patrols, “have one of the highest rates of injuries and illnesses of all occupations.”


I asked Riverton High’s own Officer Loevlie how he wants to be viewed by normal citizens and he said, “Not like everyone else.” He explained how cops are different from normal citizens.


The Salt Lake City Police Department’s motto is, “serving with integrity”. Most police cars have the word “service” or “protect” written on the sides of the car. Those words are the best way to explain their duties.

Police officers risk their lives in the line of duty to keep the streets clean and the roads safe. In 2017, Utah made 10,762 DUI arrests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 28 people die each day in the US from drunk driving crashes. So when you are pulled over in a traffic stop, just remember that they are doing their job to make sure everyone makes it home safe.


Police officers need our respect because of the effect they have on our communities. They make our communities safer by taking drugs off the streets, and drunk drivers off the roads. In 2017, the state of Utah seized just under 5,000 lbs of illegal drugs, including meth and cocaine. Those are drugs that could have gotten into the cities and schools that many of us call home.


Police are necessary for justice in a society. Without some sort of law enforcement, there would be no way to stop the flow of drugs into our communities, no way to stop drunk drivers and no one to call when your house is broken into in the middle of the night. People ridicule the police, but they don’t understand that they are the ones that might save you and your families’ lives if there is a break in, or an act of violence.


It seems everyday we hear of some act of violence such as an act of terrorism or public shooting. These occurrences show how we need police more than ever to deter and respond when these atrocities happen.